Home Improvement

Campaign   :    Leads generation

Payout       :          Dynamic

Payout term  :      Biweekly net 7


The home owner can get up to 3 free quotes.  Do not do more than 3 quotes on the lead from.


Nationwide coverage for Roofing, Windows, Exterior Siding, Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Kitchen Remodeling.

 All other trade areas may or may not sell.  It really depends on State, Zip and Trade Area.  The contractors buying leads changes from time to time.

 Dial Hours:  Mon-Fri :10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sat, Sun :10:00 am to 4:00 pm

(all times Pacific)

 Target Regions:         USA

Target Caller Profile:           Must talk only to Home Owner Only, nobody else.

Payout      Dynamic





Hi this is (agents name) calling from Home Improvements & Remodeling Group. How are you today?

Your house has been selected to receive up to 3 Free Estimates for Home Improvement or repairs such as window replacement, siding, roofing, heating or air conditioning and kitchen remodeling and about anything else you need. Are you interested in receiving a FREE ESTIMATE from a local contractor for any home improvement services?

 IF NO:  If the consumer is not interested in receiving a free quote for these home improvement services, ask them if are sure because it’s a free, no obligation service.


Great, we have a few simple questions, do I have your permission to continue?

(Answer must be YES)

Ok and do you own the house?

Must say yes- if the answer is no or renter, end the call. If they are child or living in home, but not the actual owner, state…” May I ask for permission to be connected with the owner so we can offer the free service?

Continue when you have the owner on the phone.

How soon are you planning to get your Home Improvements work done?

1-            Ready Now (OK)           (OK)

2-            Up to 6 Months.  1 To 6 Months (OK) (7th month onwards is not ok, end call if over 6 months.)

Ok great, what home improvement areas are you interested in receiving a free quote ?

–          You can offer up to 3 different areas for quotes like Roofing, kitchen remodeling and Windows replacement.

If the customer asks “How much will all this cost”, your response should be:

We are providing a free service of connecting you to local contractors who will provide you a free quote.  So you can compare the services and make an informed decision. Any cost or special discounts you may ask the contractors.  Since you can get multiple free quotes, you are assured to get the best deal.

Then go into the confirmation close:

So now I have you down for __________ and ____________ to receive free quotes.  Local contractors will be contacting you with  more information, is that ok? (Answer must be YES)

Did you have any other questions?

–          Customer may ask….”So when will they be contacting me?”

–          Answer: The contractors generally will try and contact you with 24-48 hours.

Go into closing:

“Mr/Mrs. [Customer last name]  the phone number you have provided is  …………… and  contractors need your express permission to contact you so they may give you the free quotes.  They may be using emails, SMS, phone calls and prerecorded messages with automatic telephone dialing system at any phone number you provided, even if the number is a wireless number or on any federal or state do-not-call list.  Please reply “Yes” to provide your consent.”

(Answer must be YES, if no, then go to Courtesy Close.)


That is all…drop off the call.


Important note :

Recordings are necessary , Date and time stamp should be mention in every recordings  .


Notes for saving voice files to they are small file sizes.
You can download birate changer and install.
Birate changer hasthe option to compress the file from 256 to 64 etc


 MP3 suggestions:

64 Kbps or below, mono (not stereo).

This is becoming very important, as I have found some call centers with files in the 110 MB

range!  For one call….  I’m not sure why they are so large, but my guess is they are recording at a

very highly detailed (CD quality) range, something like 160Kpbs, 192 Kbps, or even 265Kbps.

Please make sure they know to record/encode  64 Kbps or below, mono (not stereo) for MP3 format.

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