Auto insurance

Campaign   :        Leads generation

Payout       :          Dynamic

Payout term  :      Monthly


Script (Auto Insurance)

Good morning, this is _____________ from Auto care. How are you doing today?

Great, I must be talking to Mr. /Mrs. __________________

MR. ________ I’m just calling to let you know that the rate of auto insurance has dropped down up to 35% in your local area. And we are here to provide you no obligation quote on that. So it’s a no obligation call Mr.________.    Is that ok with you?  (Must yes)

Do you own a car, an Auto Mobile? (Yes)

Ok, that’s good. Well what kind of a car do you have right now? _________________, year of your car is _________ and model of your car is ______________

Yeah ok I got it. So your first name is ______________ and your last name is ____________

Do you own this car or is it leased?

What is the primary use of this vehicle? Pleasure, commute work or school, business or job?

Confirm me one thing please that are you also the owner of the house? (Yes or no)

Well that’s ok. So you drive _______________ (car name). Do you have insurance for that? (If yes) ok so your car is insured with company’s name   ?  Mr. ______ how long you are with that company for your car’s insurance?  When did you start your insurance policy with (insurance company’s name) and when will your policy expire?

What kind of coverage you desire for your auto like Superior, standard, basic or state minimum?

How much collision and comprehensive deductible do you want for your car?

And how do you rate your credit rating excellent, good, fair or poor?

Could I please know the approximate daily mileage of your car please?

Ok. So you are residing in _____________________ (Customer address), right? And how long?

Your basic education? And your current profession?

And your education  is ? and verify also telephone number  ?

And  your date of birth ?

Do you have any major violation or DUI charges in past three years?

If yes then what kind of violation and date of this?

Do you have any accident or claim in past three years?

Ok. Well this was like pretty much information which I was looking to verify.

In 24-48 hours, some of our agents will be calling you to provide you “No Obligation” quotes so like that call will be a “no obligation” call, ok?

Alright Mr._________, what’s the best time to give you a call? In morning, afternoon or evening?

Ok, I will make sure that our person call you back in the time told, ok?


“Mr. /Mrs. [Customer last name] the phone number you have provided is XXX-XXX-XXXX and the auto insurance companies need your express permission to contact you so they may give you the free quotes.  They may be using emails, SMS, phone calls and prerecorded messages with automatic telephone system at any phone number you provided, even if the number is a wireless number or on any federal or state do-not-call list.  OK.(Answer must be YES, if not, and then go to Courtesy Close.)

Ok thank you and have a wonderful day.

(must read word by word call back consent)


Important Notes

Recordings are necessary for every leads

Customer age Should be between 18 to 70

Email address should be real no fake emails

Duplicate and Recycle leads will not accept

Payment will be for accepted leads only

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