Auto Insurance Live Transfer


Campaign           Home imp Live Transfer

Payout                   $8  Transfer  if customer stays on Call for 90 Sec

Payout  term                 Net 15


Good Morning (customers name) my name is (agents name).

Can you hear me ok? (wait for customers response)

Great, as a vehicle owner you are entitled to a free insurance quote with a car insurance specialist to see if you can save money on your car insurance.


All we need to know is:

Do you currently have a car insurance policy? (No-continue)

And you are over the age of 18? (yes-continue)

You do have a valid active driver’s license (yes-continue)


Great, looks like we might be able to save you some money. If you have 5 to 10 minutes a specialist can analyze your current insurance to see where they can cut your cost ok? (wait for response)


If you get a money saving quote, would like to switch within the next 0- 3 months?


Thank you so much, I will get the agent on the line for you now who can help you ok. May I transfer you now for your free quote? (yes-continue)


Great, please stay on the line and I’ll transfer you for your free quote. You will hear a brief pause and then a recorded message. Follow the instructions and just stay on the line so a licensed agent can assist you in saving some money.


Center will record the call till before transfer  and will save every recordings , We can demand any recording on client demand