Auto Insurance Live Transfer

Auto Insurance Live Transfer


Campaign           Home imp Live Transfer

Payout                   $8  Transfer  if customer stays on Call for 90 Sec

Payout  term                 Net 15


Good Morning (customers name) my name is (agents name).

Can you hear me ok? (wait for customers response)

Great, as a vehicle owner you are entitled to a free insurance quote with a car insurance specialist to see if you can save money on your car insurance.


All we need to know is:

Do you currently have a car insurance policy? (No-continue)

And you are over the age of 18? (yes-continue)

You do have a valid active driver’s license (yes-continue)


Great, looks like we might be able to save you some money. If you have 5 to 10 minutes a specialist can analyze your current insurance to see where they can cut your cost ok? (wait for response)


If you get a money saving quote, would like to switch within the next 0- 3 months?


Thank you so much, I will get the agent on the line for you now who can help you ok. May I transfer you now for your free quote? (yes-continue)


Great, please stay on the line and I’ll transfer you for your free quote. You will hear a brief pause and then a recorded message. Follow the instructions and just stay on the line so a licensed agent can assist you in saving some money.


Center will record the call till before transfer  and will save every recordings , We can demand any recording on client demand

Home improvement Live Transfer

Home improvement Live Transfer



Campaign           Home imp Live Transfer

Payout                   $15  Transfer  if customer stays on Call for 3 mint

Payout  term                 Net 15

This is (agents name) calling from Home Improvements & Remodeling Group.


How are you today?


Your house has been selected to receive a Free, No Obligation PRICING Estimate for Home Improvements such as windows replacement, kitchen cabinet re-facing and even warranty for your home appliances.


  1. 1.   So what kind of home improvements you want to do in your house?
  2. 2.   So, are you the home owner or IF YES (CONTINUE)  if no or renter the ask are you authorize person for doing improvement
  3. 3.   Is that a single family regular house?




Ok, I just need to verify some of your information:

Your first & Last Name

  • Verify Physical Address (NO P.O. BOX Addresses Allowed)
  • Verify email (If any)
  • Confirm Phone number (10 Digit Phone Number)

How soon are you planning to get your Home Improvements work done?


1-   Ready Now (OK)           (OK)

2-   Up to 6 Months             3 To 6 Months (OK) (7th month onwards is not ok)

3-   1 to 3 month                (OK)      

 If the customer is looking for windows (Please confirm if its more than 1 window ) We cannot do just a single window


What is your estimated Budget?


  1. 1.   2K-5K
  2. 2.   6K-9K
  3. 3.   9K or above                   

Or No Idea

 Thank you very much sir. Now please allow me to quickly transfer your call to one of the contractors. Please stay on the line while I transfer your call


 How much that going to cost?

Well the estimate we’re trying to provide you it’s a free no obligation pricing estimate but you have to pay for the improvements by yourself, I’ll have the specialist call you back and provide the estimate on your home improvements.

Where you’re located?

We’re located in New York (). But we’re connected with the top line contractors nationwide

Is it for free?

The estimate we’re trying to provide you that pricing estimate is absolutely free but you’ve to pay for the improvements by yourself.

From where you got my number?

We’ve conducted a survey previously for the home owners, and now we’re trying to help them by providing them the no Obligation pricing estimate on their home improvements.