Health Insurance Live Transfer

Health Insurance Live Transfer




              Payout $10  with ddv

              Payout cycle    Weekly Net 7

                  AGE  :     18-64
               DAYS  :   Mon-Thu : 8:30 am to 8:30 pm EST 

                             Break 2-3 pm after noon 

Target Callers From:  

Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia  Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa   Kentucky Louisiana Maine Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee   Texas Utah Virginia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


Hi, Mr Jones? This is ______ calling from the health Enrollment Center how are you today,GOOD??? GREAT!

We received an inquiry that you were looking for health insurance.

We’re a nationwide enrollment center, contracted with almost all of the major A-rated insurance carriers in the country. Our job is to make you aware of ALL of the options available for you, in your State, both ON and OFF the exchange and help you find a health insurance plan that will offer you the highest level of coverage , for the best price.

  • Do you currently have health insurance?
  • Are you between the ages of 18 to 64?? Great…
  • Are you, or anyone who would be on your plan, currently pregnant? (​must answer no​)Great/Ok
  • Have you, or anyone who would be on your plan had Cancer or HIV? ​(must answer no)
  • Do you or anyone that would be on your plan currently have Medicaid, Medicare, social security, or disability? (must answer no)-or Obamacare

Plans can cost anywhere from $150 for an individual to $300 for a family, is this something you could afford?

Great, you do qualify for EXCELLENT coverage. I’m going to transfer you to a licensed specialist who can customize a     plan to meet your EXACT needs, Ok? Great, please stay on the line for about 30 seconds, it was a please speaking with   you.

Verification Script

Hi, this is ​Agents Name, I just wanted to re-confirm that you are interested in hearing about Health Insurance plans. Are you between the ages of 18-64?Are you currently paying over $150 a month for your health insurance now? If yes May I confirm your name and telephone number. Great! One moment please…… I will put you through..

Warm Transfer:

Hi I have NAME on the phone they want to save money on there Health Insurance, is it ok to connect the call now? ok great thanks have a wonderful Day

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